my art

My artistic journey began in my childhood and was strongly influenced by Impressionists in my early works. Over time I, however, changed bright impressionistic colors and landscape motifs. The creative search brought me to new artistic adventures and personal discoveries, that helped me to find  my path in art. I changed my pallete to darker colors and focused on  figurative, abstract and floral motifs.

Today, my art is a fusion of Abstractionism and Figurativism with the elements of Impressionism. The mixture of styles and different artistic media  helps me to reveal my feelings and impressions, in order to awake the viewer’s deepest emotions. 

In my paintings and sculptures I represent my vision of the surrounding world as a female artist. The revelation of feminine strength is the core subject of my art, which I often combine with a challenging personal background.

The main idea of my works is, however,  hope and optimisms: even in dark, dramatic motifs there are always lively colors and abstract floral motifs , standing for hopeful and optimistic vision.

In my art works I try to follow a motto of my favorite musician,  human rights activist and a storng woman Nina Simone: "the task of an artist is to reflect the times and situations in which he is."



Group Exhibition "Estate" | Lo Studio Art Gallery | 03.07.2021- 10.10.2021 

Vernissage | Buchhandlung Jakobi Marburg | May 2018

Solo Exhibition | Stadtverwaltung Obertshausen | February - March 2018

Group Exhibition | Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 | Frankfurt | April 2014

Group Exhibition | Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 | Frankfurt | March - April 2013

Group Exhibition | 2.SOV.KA Frankfurt | Januar 2013

Solo Exhibition | FraTÖP e.V. - Studentenplattform | Frankfurt | November 2012

Oberhessische Presse 2018 | Vernissage with surprise by Michael Prochnow | Print & Online

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